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What’s New For (2019)

A: The way we structured our annual rent prices in the past caused some mutual dissatisfaction and, while our motivation had been to structure our pricing and T&Cs along the guidelines provided by law and relevant organisations, we are making adjustments to our 2019 prices and T&Cs to simplify things and meet our clients’ requests.

Students wanted/needed more flexibility regarding lease duration. We, the property owners and managers, needed some reasonability regarding changes. So we came up with the following:

1.   Instead of multi-tiered rent prices we have flat rental rates for 2019. The only variables are the room sizes (bigger rooms cost more), or month-to-month rentals (which we hope to avoid).

2.   Lease length – the potential tenant can choose the duration. Please note: we have the right to accept or decline applications.

3.   PLUS: There is a flat 2 (two) full months’ notice period to give notice/cancel a lease/terminate our agreement/lease.

4.   We have kept our yearly rent increase for 2019 to a minimum.

Example: Student takes a 12-month lease with us for 2019. S/he later decides to move in with a friend/family/mom/mother-nature at the 6-month point. Easy: s/he gives us the “2 full months’ notice” at month No. 4 in an acceptable way (in writing and confirmed by us in writing). And we mutually agree to cancel/terminate our lease agreement. The deposit will be refunded if all’s done acceptably.

We hope that these changes work well for all parties involved.

B: Free WiFi. Plenty of data – but if it is used-up/throttled/shaped/etc then that’s it for that month.

C: We have new staff.

D: We have begun upgrading our accommodation. It is ongoing and should be finished by early/mid-2019. We have already installed rainwater tanks. There will be some new furniture and equipment, and painting and a big garden clean-up is being done. We are also considering solar-water heaters, CCTV, etc.

E: We are managing our own properties.

F: During 2018 we were victims of fraud and potential ID fraud. Our systems are now tighter. We apologise for any inconvenience.

G: If you do not receive a reply to your email within +-3 working days, please consider that we didn’t get it (blocked, firewall’ed, suspicious, SPAM, listed, linked-software/app, etc.). Please email us again via a different email address or computer, or WhatsApp me.

Terms and conditions apply.

Please note that we reserve all rights to access, admission and refusal.

Subject to change without notification. E & OE.

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